The Need

Pharmacies have different set of challenges compared to other retail stores. Hence their concerns are not generally addressed by POS and ERP solutions made for other retail stores. Pharmacies must manage and distribute drugs according to local laws and regulations. This means managing expiry dates of inventory effectively, handling prescription drugs according to local regulations etc.

Drugstores are also expected to give dosage instructions to customers and provide a fast and courteous service. On the other side, margins on pharmaceuticals keep on thinning, making the drugstores to be increasingly selective on the choice of inventory.

The Solution

We offer a comprehensive Pharmacy Management Solution for independent and retail pharmacies. Our PMS is built by customising Odoo and has a simplified Point of Sale (POS) interface integrated with devices such as barcode scanner, cash register, thermal printer and drug label printer. It can either be configured as a simple pharmacy billing software or a comprehensive retail pharmacy management software to automate pharmacy daily routines from POS to backend office.

Use the system’s insightful reports to analyze your business financials and optimize your inventory that will improve your bottom line. Offer deals, promotions and loyalty schemes for long term customer loyalty. Manage various type of clients and price lists, letting the system manage price calculations.

Main Features

Pharmacy Billing

Full fledged billing console with touchscreen friendly Point of Sales (POS) application. Integrate with barcode system to quickly generate invoices and dispense medicines.


Purchase medicines from supplier and add stock in batches. While adding to the stock either use barcode that comes with the package or generate new barcode for each batch.

Stock Management

Efficiently manage pharmacy inventory, tracking expiry dates and minimizing out-of-stock items.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

View customer purchase history. Design loyalty programs and send promotional messages. Notify them when their prescription is due for refill.


Reduce cost and prevent losses. Maximize margins by analyzing buying patterns to better inform merchandising and promotions.

EMR integration

In case of hospital attached pharmacy, receive prescription orders electronically in the system.

Full feature list

Pharmacy billing

  • Point of Sales(POS)
  • Search products with either brand name or generic name
  • Integrate with barcode for faster processing
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Sell the stock in First in First out order (FIFO)
  • Support refunds, credits and dues
  • Drug label printing
  • Invoice printing
  • Generate cash counter reports


  • Supplier management
  • Stock addition in batches with price, expiry date and barcode
  • Apply taxes while purchasing

Stock Management

  • Manage shops in multiple locations.
  • Replenish stock with automatic reorder
  • Track controlled substance, Schedule-H drugs
  • Track inventory shelf locations
  • Unit conversion from purchase UOM to sales UOM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Manage customer data with phone numbers
  • Send text messages for reminders and promotions
  • Manage Loyalty programs


  • Sales/Purchase Analysis
  • Cashflow, funds flow and ratio analysis
  • Gross profit analysis
  • Item wise profit analysis
  • Stock analysis
  • Support for multiple locations

EMR Integration

  • Receive prescription orders electronically in the system.


  • Payment settlement with suppliers and customers
  • Outstanding and Dues
  • Account journals
  • Financial statements
  • Sales and purchase registers

Online drug store

  • Online store linked to in-store stock
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Manage status of deliveries


Easy to use

Self installable software that is easy to learn, and easy to use software by your staff.

Multiple locations

Manage all your locations from your headquarters using single software instance.

Barcode support

Barcode driven workflow to manage high volumes of drug dispensing.


Access control for POS and back-office applications using login credentials. Set up limited access for some functions, based on user roles.

Minimal Infrastructure

System can hosted either on premise or on cloud. It can also be run on a windows laptop at the shop.

Multi-language support

Switch the user interface language as per user preference.

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