Channel partnership program

Nuchange is seeking partners internationally for sales, marketing and implementation.

A channel partner can sell our IT solutions to verticals like Hospitals, Clinics, Labs, Pharmacies, Community Health and Public Health Organizations. This business partnership, gives the organisations and individuals the flexibility to partner with us according to your choice as Referral Partners, Reseller Partners or Value Added partners.

All partnerships are made intact through mutually agreed and signed documents. Our channel sales partners are compensated as per the committed deals.

Referral Partner

  • You are a company or an individual with local sales contacts. As part of your regular business you find a client who might find our solutions useful.
  • You give us the lead and collect your incentives once we close the deal.

Reseller Partner

  • You are a company or an individual who wants to expand to Health IT domain by committing sales resources & field engineers.
  • After successfully making a sales deal as a referral partner you have choice to come to an agreement with us to get our solutions & services on discounted prices.
  • Using your resources, you will proactively generate leads and sell our solutions, on margin. Also, we will provide you demo setups, marketing collaterals and pre-sales support.

Enterprise Partner

  • You are a company with excellent relationships with healthcare organizations and an existing sales and engineering team. You would like to expand your product portfolio with Health IT solutions.
  • Under an enterprise partnership, you could acquire our products with source code and sell it under your own brand name.
  • We will train your engineers run end-to-end implementation projects and provide local support.
  • In such a partnership you will own all the upside benefits you could get from your local market.

Why partner with us?

Each product that Nuchange offers are suitable and compatible for organizations in every size. All our clients are highly satisfied with the software functionalities, the positive changes that we have created in their business operations and also the after sale support service that we offer.

We understand the industry’s requirements about the IT Solutions and therefore every software feature has been built sweeping through every aspect of the business workflow.

Nuchange backs channel partners to finalize the deals successfully by providing pre-sales and post-sales support. We would also take our partners through a complete demo of the solution to help understand every functionality of the software and also equip you with the necessary documentations about the software.

We possess a highly competent engineering team who will develop any additional features or functionalities that client will need.

Who are our target customers?

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Nursing Homes
  • Labs & Diagnostics
  • Pharmacies
  • Community Health Organisations
  • Public Health Departments

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