DCM4CHEE is a software application that can be used to set up DICOM Image Manager and Image Archive server for a healthcare organization. The application contains the DICOM, HL7 services and interfaces that are required to provide storage, retrieval, and workflow to the Radiology department of a hospital. dcm4chee contains a robust web based user interface for administrators which runs entirely in a Web browser.

DICOM Server: Acting as an archive, dcm4chee is able to store any type of DICOM object to standard file systems, with compression if necessary. It can query modalities for DICOM objects and retrieve them. It also supports other DICOM Services such as MPPS, GPWL, MWL, Storage Commitment, Instance Availability Notification, Study Content Notification, Output Content to CD Media etc.

HL7 Server: As in integrated HL7 server DCM4CHEE can act on ADT, ORM, and ORU message types.


  • PACS Server Setup integrated with modalities: Digital X Ray, Mammography, CT, MRI, USG etc.
  • HMS/EMR integration with PACS