Our LIMS Solution works the best for clinics who would like to stay independent with their own system without relying on companies offering platform solutions. Our solution allows such clinics to have complete ownership of the system.

The Need

Lab and Diagnostic centres today are expanding in terms of services and patient load. They augment their reach by establishing multiple sub centers and sample collection units. As they grow in sophistication, processing large number of tests with quick turnaround and information sharing between stakeholders become challenging tasks.

The Solution

We offer an integrated Laboratory Information Management System and Radiology Information System that enable Lab and Diagnostic centers to manage complex business operations, facilitate stakeholder collaboration and thus improve performance.

Apart from managing regular operations in multiple departments, labs could effectively engage with referrers and clients to ensure complete satisfaction.

This solution can be used in pathology labs, imaging centres, diagnostic centres and clinic attached diagnostics centres.

Main Features

Patient Management

Register and capture demographic information of patients. Provide ID card with barcodes and assign patients to respective department queues.

Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

Maintain medical records of the patient in clinic attached diagnostic centres. Issue orders for procedures and view results straight from the patient dashboard.

Patient Billing

Quick and easy billig using touchscreen friendly point of sales app. Use barcodes for even faster invoice generation.

Lab Information System (LIS)

LIS with pre-configured LOINC coded master data set. Integrate with analyser for avoiding errors and faster processing.

Radiology Information System (RIS)

RIS including modality worklist, PACS and DICOM viewer. Integrate with modalities for seamless workflow.

Patient portal

Share clinical information and results with patients. Allow patient to book appointments, pay online and follow up with doctors

Referrer portal

Share results and images with referrers. Allow them to refer patients and take report/image prints when ready.

Analytics Dashboard

Keep a tab on performance metrics and referrer statistics.

Stock Management

Complete inventory management right from purchase to consumption. Make automatic replenishment orders.

Full feature list

Patient management

  • Patient registration for on-premise and remote sample collections
  • Barcode support for patient identification
  • Patient queue management

Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

  • EMR with LIS and RIS
  • CPOE
  • Vitals and clinical observations
  • Diagnosis
  • Prescriptions
  • Patient dashboard with lab results and links to DICOM images
  • Direct access to DICOM images by online viewer.
  • Document management

Patient Billing

  • Invoicing using touch screen POS application
  • Faster with keyboard shortcuts
  • Support refunds, credits and dues
  • Print pdf invoices
  • Sales reports
  • Pre-configured price list for billables
  • Support multiple price lists for referrals and corporate customers

Lab Information System (LIS)

  • Sample collection with barcode sample labelling
  • HL7 device integration with lab analysers
  • Pre-configured lab test master data set with normal ranges
  • Manage sample refer outs for outsourced tests
  • Validation workflow for pathologist
  • Easy reporting with templates
  • Print report with technician and pathologist signatures
  • Auto highlighting of abnormal test results
  • Customizable print formats
  • Send report by email to referrers and patients
  • Archival for all test reports and medical records

Radiology Information System (RIS)

  • DICOM Modality Worklist Server
  • Update status of DICOM exams with MPPS.
  • PACS and DICOM Viewer
  • HL7 and DICOM device integration with modalities

Patient portal

  • Appointment booking
  • Book home sample collection
  • View lab results and diagnostic images online
  • Patient engagement through online consultation and followup
  • Online payments

Referrer portal

  • Book appointment and refer tests and procedures
  • View status of referred tests and procedures
  • View results and acquired images of referred procedures
  • Take print outs

Analytics Dashboard

  • Referrer payouts
  • Sales/Purchase Analysis
  • Cashflow, funds flow and ratio analysis
  • Gross profit analysis
  • Lab performance analysis
  • Centralized reporting for multiple locations

Stock Management

  • Purchase
  • Supplier management
  • Inventory management
  • Replenish stock with automatic reorder


Barcode integration

Barcodes can be used to track patients, samples and billables at point of sale. Using barcode will enable the staff

Device Integration

System can be integrated with lab analysers and radiology scanners. This reduces manual entry and human errors. Also enable faster processing

Website integration

Patient portals and referrer portals can be accessed from the lab website with login credentials. Appointment booking and home sample collection can be requested without credentials.

Open Source and Customizable

The source code is open and available to clients. Our team of experts will work with the clients during implementation for client specific customizations

Secure and access controlled

Every user is given login name and password to the application. Access is controlled using roles and privileges

Multi-language support

User interface supports multiple languages and can be changed as per the user preferences.

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