Our CMS Solution works the best for clinics who would like to stay independent with their own system without relying on companies offering platform solutions. Our solution allows such clinics to have complete ownership of the system.

The Need

A complete clinic management system that runs on your premises comes with strings attached. You will have to worry about maintaining your infrastructure. Also the proprietary software from vendors are usually designed with lock-ins and limits to force you to pay up for regular use.

The Solution

We offer a complete clinic management system for your practice with convenient features of appointments, medical billing and e-prescribing. It’s a user friendly application that can be managed by the doctors themselves. This solution is ideal for clinics and private practices.

Our solution is made using OpenMRS, Bahmni and Odoo and works out of the box. It can be installed on a Windows/Linux laptop on your premises and users can access it using multiple devices such as laptops, desktops, tablets or phone over local wi-fi. The system is easy to use and requires less maintenance. It’s made using open source and there is no vendor lock-in. Our business model works on one-time payment and you own the software for perpetuity.

Apart from general medicine, this CMS solution is flexible across variety of specializations such as Eye( Opthalmology ), Dental, Skin care( Dermatology ), Mother and Child care (Obstetrics and Gynaecology), Mental Health ( Psychiatry ) etc.

Main Features

Patient Registration

Register and capture demographic information of patients. Provide ID card with barcodes and assign patients to respective department queues.

Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

Maintain longitudinal medical records of the patient over multiple visits. Use custom made templates to capture disease specific clinical notes.

Medical Billing

Quick and easy billig using touchscreen friendly point of sales app. Use barcodes for even faster invoice generation.


Give out quick drug prescriptions by pre-configuring the system your favourite drug master data.

Pharmacy Management System

Comprehensive pharmacy management system with a quick POS and ERP backend that are integrated with other subsystems.

Patient portal

Do paid online consultations for new concerns, second opinions and follow up queries from patients. Share the notes, medical reports and relevant multimedia with the patients online for better patient engagement. EMR together with the patient portal serve all the purposes of a CRM for the clinic.

Full Feature List

Patient Registration

  • Patient search using Phone number, National Identifiers
  • Patient photo capture
  • Registration card, Barcode print

Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

  • Doctor Consultation
  • Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE)
  • Patient Dashboard
  • E-prescription
  • ICD-10 coded diseases
  • Modules to support Obstetrics, Eye, Dental and Chronic diseases

Medical Billing

  • OPD Billing
  • Point of Sales application
  • Track Discounts, Refunds, Collection
  • Package Billing


  • Master data set of favourite drugs
  • Prescribe using either brand name or generic name
  • One click drug refill

Pharmacy Management System

  • Point of Sales
  • EMR integration
  • Stock Management with expiry date tracking

Patient portal

  • Online consultations
  • Appointment booking
  • Patient education using multimedia resources
  • Reminders
  • Payment gateway integration


Easy to use & maintain

Your staff can easily learn the software and maintain it. Software workflows, maintenance and administration are extremely simple.

Mobile and Tablet friendly

Users can use mobile and tablets to access the application over wi-fi, review medical reports, update notes etc.

Complete system ownership

System including the data is completely owned by the client organisation. The server component is installed on a private cloud instance owned by the client. Mobile applications communicate only with the client owned server.

Free and Open source

The source code is open and available to clients. Our team of experts will work with the clients during implementation for client specific customizations.

Minimal Infrastructure

System can hosted either on premise or on cloud. It can also be run on a windows laptop at the shop.

Multi language support

User interface supports multiple languages and can be changed as per the user preferences.

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