Open Source Medical record System (OpenMRS) is a software application that allows designing and customization of medical records system. This platform is a multi-institution collaborative led by Regenstrief Institute, a world-renowned leader in medical informatics research, and Partners In Health, a Boston-based philanthropic organization with a focus on improving world-wide health care service and advocacy.

OpenMRS is implemented around the world , in countries including South Africa, Kenya, Rwanda, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Uganda, Tanzania, Haiti, India, China, United States, Pakistan, the Philippines, and many other places. This solution is widely accepted by many organizations including international and government aid groups, NGO’s, as well as for-profit and nonprofit organisations.

  • Being open source, OpenMRS is cost effective and easy to set up.
  • OpenMRS is a client-server application, which means it is designed to work in an environment where many client computers access the same information on one server.
  • OpenMRS allows system development and implementation within resource constrained environments

OpenMRS will maintain patient profiles, visits, encounters, diagnoses, drug orders, drug dispensing, drug administration, clinical observations, lab orders, radiology orders, procedure orders and their results. These are supported by a rich concept dictionary that represents medical terminology. While these will be required in a full fledged EMR, they can also be scaled down for disease management.

We will leverage the modular architecture of OpenMRS and its rich open source module repository to develop and customize modules to integrate with the central systems - patient data warehouse, terminology registry and DHIS 2. Patient medical records captured against facility information will be used to automatically generate aggregates for submission to DHIS 2


  • End-to-end Hospital or Clinic Implementation
  • OpenMRS configuration and production deployment (Cloud or On premise)
  • OpenMRS integration with DHIS2
  • Design, development and implementation of fully customized HMS/CMS based on client requirements.
  • OpenMRS module development
  • Maintenance and support