Transformative IT for Health

  • Faster Implementations
  • Feature customizations
  • Advanced level support
  • Complete system ownership
  • Free and open source
  • No license fees
  • No hidden fees
  • No vendor lock-in

We support you to build your own IT systems

Custom IT solutions built using open source solutions combined with professional consulting and support provide an excellent alternative for large segment of enterprises to benefit from digitization and automation. This alternative is not only cost-effective but gives the clients complete ownership and freedom to use the system.

For the last 4 years, we made a difference to several health providers by helping them adopt information systems and avoid lock-in to proprietary systems and cloud platforms. In addition to customizing and setting up systems, we helped them to develop local capacity to operate and maintain the systems.

With our solutions, our clients improved their business without giving away the system ownership and data ownership. At the same time, they use the IT to serve their customers without worrying about limits or hidden costs.

Clients we serve

We serve enterprises working in different areas. Building on our experience, we have standardized our solutions for healthcare organizations. RIght now, we are offering out of the box solutions to them. That can get them running in a few weeks.

For others, we run end-to-end software development projects, using open source as much as possible. If the client does not want to use open source solutions we work as per their requirements.

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